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Α Nice food market soon.Corfu Greece. Its NOT complicated.


Why not make it a real pro one? instead of waiting
Warm Comfy and Airconditioned freezers galore and with live fish, glased in , a tourist attraction in construction, engineering and usage.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/docpap/3650974864/  Riga Baltics
http://www.bergenfjords.com/fishmarket/  Bergen Norway
And More

Now we do a 3d foodmarket
Buying Online
Eg now the architect have his real cad files and emails, as me and i do need
to convert these ones with music and add a basic oscommerce.com with webcam function to it, eg my work 5% of it.


So i could select how many kilos i want of food to be delivered to my restaurant for example.In sidari so i do not need to drive.

Now can Buyers above walk through the market in 3d (from the architect) and preplan their buying, with 3d boot from each vendor with pirces videos and pictures they have,  mobiles...

To pay is just a netbank like http://www.seb.se  which is then verified by the sellers not corrupt netbook style,  that the money arrived  securly before loading the
morning cargo.. to drive to Sidari and the rest of zillions of restaurants and bars..which is gps to the driver in the oscommerce systema, with taxdecuctable onspot in realtime
to the netbank of the taxoffice. And recipts gets online every month...hmm maybe fax is simple?

aha forgot the suppliers, who pays tax online easy way, to the market we need a Fish auction

And some webcams
at the fish vessel itself? Who needs suppliers who pays tax online easy way, to sort out broken things WITH emails.
Which is controlled by customes, paid by Guess? CUSTOMS  that collect customes...(There is a reason to have customs) so most adheres to specifications
instead of "opening the container, and oops what is this, in to da rubbish bin direct...) not ok.
Now there is "dille" on checking people, and leaving zillions ton sof gods just floating around, worldwide without "κολλa detta"

on those intaglioprinted documents 1 A4 sort of? Which could be supplied from someone who has emails...


Sticth the package here?
Someone starts a restaurant... or collect gear. or whatever over time, they do not lose it due to crime from state as it looks.
 Then they get mad.nlot mat, and get pension? which comes from ? guess
the ones who pays tax online easy way
Restaurants need food (supplier)who pays tax online easy way 
 to supply to the customers, who pays tax online easy way , if they have bookings.

Therefore they need marketing and ability to contact some one (who supply)who pays tax online easy way, if they recive the emails correct.

So children even so grown up, have a fine christmas and new year and schoolfess paid and fine schools paid by ? guess
the ones who pays tax online easy way

after that is sorted out a sweet lady(love) could be done.
WITH email so i could get to a restaurant and eat some fish with here, and  (exactly not of that result)  children  arrives eventually
With Water ... so they (restaurants) get money
to Guess? to pays tax online the easy way

After the job above is done...I could create a NICE FOOD MARKET...in 3d feasibility study, marketing brochyres, and so forth.

And to be part of all above i do travel, communcicate and belive what it states in legal simple basic text, and common sense

children also checks a webpage foodmarket...to ... Eat?.. since..

Jan P kajander