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Sailboat project and location Stavanger After Hundvag Norway Lundevagen batforening near the gate

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Webdesign Marketing Support  Buildingsurvey  It Analysis and Support,  Linux server production


Accomodationand Construction


A food series produced once upon time..and some updates
Bread Meat Wine Candy Vegetables Spirits Tobacco  Water
  Mushroom Fish Beer Olives Cheeze  Fruit Pasta Potatoe
Poultry Rabbit Dairy

BiotechBiometrics Robots

CultureArt Museums

Urban exploration 1   Urban exploration 2 Urban exploration 3

Casinoand Gaming


Urban exploration 4   Urban exploration 5 Urban exploration 6

Directory'sBuisness Trade


Urban exploration 7  Urban exploration 8 



FashionClothes and Models

GovernmentVoting and Reality

GardenFarming and Fish


HealthMedical Solutions

Introductionand History

ITOpsystems Encryption Games

Justiceand Law

Jobsand Employment

K(c)onsulate and embassy's

K(c)hemical Industry


LawCourts Lawyers

MapsGPS Systems

Motorcyclesand New technology


Nanotechnologyand Reseach




PlasticsPollution Poison

EQuationsout of order

Interference, radiocomm

RestaurantsTheaters Opera

Recepiesand Food production

SoundBar Music

SportEquipment amd Adventure

Travel Transport Taxi Train Buses Rentals

TradingShipping and Directory's

UNand Freedom Organisations

UNand Freedom Organisations


Very large projects..and Voting


WarfareArms Atomic


Greenpeace and Others

Climateshifts and disasters

Petroleum and Car Industry


Satelite images, Earth Map

Dating contact agency's

Surveilance Industry and fences


Telecommunication and functionality

Translators Tools


Scandals Arrests Jails-Lawyers

Emergency Police Fire Enviroment Health ...



Partytime and Festivals and Beverages

Aids Epidemics and solutions

IT security

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Renovating a wooden yacht currently which also needs a fine lady... Stavanger Norway Lundevagen batforening Near the Gate  /shiprenovation/start.pdf